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Quality & Safety


Rarely is it ever just about being “made in the USA.” At the end of the day it comes down to delivery. Meeting our customer's requirements and deadlines is what drives us at Hi-Alloy. Quality and safety are the foundation of our entire manufacturing process, including final delivery.


Hi-Alloy is the preferred supplier to Latin America, not simply over competitive pricing and accelerated delivery, but by including value-added services such as quality inspections and machining of our final products. We also maintain an inventory in Houston, TX USA of replacement parts.


All day, everyday, quality and safety are part of everyone's day at
Hi-Alloy Valve.


CNC Machining

We have over 5 million dollars invested in our precision machine shop. Our staff of expert machinists are required to undergo drug & alcohol testing, along with their ongoing CEU's to retain their certifications. 


Logistics & Delivery


We realize valve delivery is integral in any project. The only way to maintain our loyal customer base is to continue to deliver what we say we will. By remaining transparent with our customers when issues arise, and issues will always arise, we ensure customer's requirements and deadlines are met.


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